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Resources and information to Turbo-Charge your Math Curriculum!

Math is everyone’s second language.
Math is the ONLY Universal Language.

This Website is a repository of many resources which will help you gain a greater understanding of Math that supplements any Math Curriculum.
This Website will help parents, teachers or students understand Math better in a never ending learning. playing and connecting with Math experience.

learn… with math

Learn all sorts of things with Math in virtually every field.

play… with math

Play all sorts of “games”, with Math, some just for fun, some to create wonderful things, some to earn a wonderful living, and more.

connect… with math

Connect with other humans with Math in ways impossible in any natural language.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our others say:

My kids love playing the games, and I love that they are practicing their math facts and spelling lists while having fun!

Barb H.

Mom of 3, TX

Thanks for teaching my son how to use the calculator just in time to take the ACT!  He really appreciated the test taking tips too!

Mindy B.

Homeschool Mom, TN

I wasn’t sure where to start with my 5 year old, but thanks to the Uncle Jack videos, I found confidence and now she’s mastered counting and is learning addition!

Laura C.

Homeschool Mom, CA

Thanks for the Math? Help! eBook.  Our 10th grader is really struggling in math, and now I know why… and what to do about it!

Dan K.

Dad of 2, KS

I cannot thank you enough for the Collapse of the Science vs. Religion Schism videos.  I now have the ammuntion I needed to talk to some of my family members!

Carol M.

Homeschool Mom, NH

Thanks for explaining rational and irrational numbers in a way I can understand.  Love your post-elementary math videos!

Dylan W.

Student, FL