LearnPlayConnect.com’s Mission Statements

LearnPlayConnect.com (LPC* for short) is an online organization, sort of like an extended family, that has Two Missions:

I.  To Provide Parents and their Children an ever increasing plethora of wonderful resources to improve all of their lives, FOR FREE.

Games – Educational eBooks and videos – Educational tools for students of all ages –  Webinars on various topics – an active Facebook group – Contests – and an ever growing set of resources, some contributed by other LPC members. 

LPC’s ultimate mission is to “have fun” and “learn new things”.

For a parent who heavily utilizes LPC there will be thousands of dollars worth of free resources for children of all ages.  

We value both the parent’s and child’s time highly in this calculation.

II. To Educate Parents about the best Mathematics Curricula and Resources to meet each student’s needs to become as successful as possible in their life’s goals and endeavors which will vary greatly from child to child.

Once a Parent is properly educated we will then, when appropriate for them, sell them the best product or service to achieve their goals, or direct them to appropriate resources or services.

LPC’s Ultimate Mission is to empower parents to provide each child an optimal Mathematics education which will greatly enrich the child’s entire life.

Mathematics is like a “second language” which is necessary to understand many concepts and tools which will enrich anyone’s life to its fullest extent.

Math is actually quite Easy and Fun, when the Proper Content is taught utilizing the Proper Pedagogy.  Many people don’t believe this.

Understanding “How and Why this is True” is LPC’s goal for any parent.

*  LPC is wholly owned subsidiary of a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit organization.  Donations are welcome.