Our Team

Our Team

Join us on our journey of growth through education, play and connection!

Amber Goodman

“As a busy mom of two, I understand the importance of supporting parents, sharing resources and saving time! I am thrilled to be a part of this community designed to make all of our lives a little easier!”

Amie Crites

“As an advocate for health and wellness, I love connecting with people of all ages. As a teacher and performer, I love inspiring others to express themselves through movement, music, and art. As a team member I LOVE being a part of something that is bigger than myself!”

Debbie Goodman

“Being a parent of three and grandparent of four, having one place to get great resources is invaluable! I am so honored to to be on this educational journey with this great team and each of our members!”

Stephanie Worden

“Between my two kids and being a scout leader, I am always on the run and looking for a way to amplify my time! Being a part of this project is giving me the ability to help myself and other busy parents leverage time wisely!”

Dr. Craig Hane

“I am elated to be part of this community.  As a father of three and grandfather of nine, I know how challenging raising children today can be, and feel these wonderful resources will benefit your entire family.”

Ethan Royer

“Creativity and art are important skills for kids and parents too!  I am super psyched to be the graphic artist for this project and to bring you these fantastic resources to help spark the color in your life!”

Brien Jones

“Life can be so hectic these days! As a grandparent, I really understand the importance of connecting with others. I am delighted to be part of something that can truly help each of your lives and the lives of your families!”