Rugby and Math — A Winning Combination*

Rugby prepares students for a successful principled productive adulthood.

Math prepares students for a successful career in adulthood.

Rugby and Math together are an especially powerful synergistic combination for preparing students for a very successful fulfilling adulthood.

Craig Hane, Ph.D., aka Dr. Del, Founder of Triad Math, Inc., and former rugby player states,

“Any adult can participate successfully in the modern technical workforce to the benefit of everyone – the adult – the company – the economy, IF the Barrier of Math is Overcome”

  1. An understanding of Practical Mathematics results in self-confidence and the ability to understand training and documentation in myriad technical subjects required for many modern technical workforce jobs.  This understanding should begin in the early teen years, and is a great compliment to mastering and participating in rugby.
  • Virtually any student can learn and understand Practical Mathematics IF the Proper Content is taught with modern effective Pedagogy in about 30 to 60  Hours of self-paced time.
  • Triad Math, Inc. offers a Practical Mathematics Program designed specifically for Students preparing for the modern technical workforce.  This Program’s features:
  • Delivered via the Internet 24/7/365 anywhere.
  • Consists of 76 Lessons delivered by former Rose Hulman Mathematics Professor,  Dr. Craig Hane, via on-line videos with exercises, on-line quizzes, and a Forum.
  • This program follows the principles explained in Dr. Barbara Oakley’s great book, A Mind for Math, which also apply to the learning of rugby.
  • First, the student is taught how to do all arithmetic calculations with a $10 scientific calculator, the TI30Xa,  a wonderful modern tool.
  • Second, the student is taught Pre-algebra, which is all of the rules of arithmetic.
  • Third, the student is taught Practical Algebra necessary for technical subjects, but NOT many of the unnecessary algebra topics usually taught in high school.
  • Fourth, the student is taught Practical Geometry necessary for technical subjects, but NOT many of the unnecessary “proofs” and topics taught in high school.
  • Fifth, the student is taught Practical Trigonometry, which is simply an extension of Algebra and Geometry for understanding triangles and angles necessary for many technical subjects, and actually is very easy with the modern tool, the TI30Xa.
  • Triad Math’s Practical Math Program includes a Forum where the student can ask any math question he or she wants to anytime and receive a response within one working day.
  • Triad Math’s Practical Math Program is available to the student for on-going review and practice for at least one year which is very important for long term retention.
  • Triad Math’s Practical Math Program costs adults $397, is self paced and available to the student for at least one year, although most students complete it in less than two months.  Most students can complete it in about two weeks if they work two or three hours per day in several sessions spread over the whole day.  They are taught to study in both Focused and Diffuse Modes which is the best way to learn math.
  • Triad Math’s Practical Math Program is unique.  There is nothing like it anywhere.  Triad Math’s Practical Math Program is guaranteed successful for each student, or it costs nothing.
  • Adults and students who struggled with, and perhaps hated, math in school are successful, and amazed at how easy properly taught Practical Math really is.
  • It is amazing how synergistic learning math and rugby are.  The same principles are utilized.  Practice, Feedback, Individual Self-Pacing, Mistakes are good, Chunking, Focused and Diffuse Learning Modes, and much more.
  1. Triad Math has special training for the Math Coaches which is complimentary for the Rugby Coaches.  Coaching math and rugby are very similar.
  1. Special prices are available for rugby teams.  It is very easy and cost effective for sponsors to implement a math program as a symbiotic adjunct to the rugby team, and to expand the reach to many other students as well.
  1. Other non-rugby playing students can also be included in the math program, which will expand the reach and positive influence of the rugby team to many other students.  Some rugby players will not study math, and some math players will not study rugby, but they all will be members of a large “team”.

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*  Partnered with the United States Rugby University as a part of the United States Rugby Foundation sponsored “Rugby Education” curriculum mentor program.